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Barry gets the love from Spotify

January 2021
Check out Barry's updated profile on Spotify. You can stream all of Barry's albums and singles from the past 50 years here on Spotify. Click on the image below to visit Barry's artist page:

Barry Crocker & Dino Jag shine a light on me

January 2021
Barry Crocker and his good friends Dino Jag and Damien Reilly got together back in 2005 to create this incredible track and remix of " Shine a Light on me ". The track features legendary produce Jay Graydon on the original song. Damien and Dino got together and worked on a new remix of the song with Dino putting down some stellar vocals with Barry and now the record is…

Merry Christmas from Barry Crocker and Katy Manning!

December 2020
To my friends online - I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas from both myself and Katy Manning. Hopefully Skippy the Kangaroo will skip along with plenty of presents for you and no Daleks invade! We made these Christmas cards for all of you to peruse, and we wish you the best for the dwindling days remaining of 2020, and for the fresh slate of 2021. As the…

Send In The Clowns – How amazing Barry and his cover are !

January 2020
Don't you love farce? My fault, I fear I thought that you'd want what I want- Sorry my dear But where are the clowns? Quick, send in the clowns Don't bother they're here You may have seen Joker last year. It was one of the highest-grossing box office flicks of the year, and it was controversial and groundbreaking to say the least! You may have heard several familiar tunes during…

Fans rediscover Barry Crocker all over again and again and again!

January 2019
Barry Crocker will need no introduction to those among us who are well-versed in Australian entertainers. His name evokes a mile-long list of credentials and achievements throughout the years, and throughout the past 15 years he has been an essential help to us at the Blue Pie studios. He has been a wonderful supporter to us, and has worked on various projects and causes such as The Argues, Dealing With…

Barry Crocker returns to sing the hits once again !

January 2019
Barry Crocker is a known name in music for a valid reason. He sang the opening theme to the popular Neighbours TV show, and he has also promoted the sports team The Cats with a series of anthems, and covered plenty of classic songs before. But Bazza is back, and this time he brought bombastic company- the Tony Hatch Orchestra are with him! This album of 20 songs runs for…

Watch out for the One Eyed Trouser Snake as you sing along with us!

January 2019
Check this out, entertainment legend Barry Crocker's got a classic for all you Aussie fans out there! "One Eyed Trouser Snake" is a hilarious vintage track that many a golden oldie Australian will know. Good news for you fans - that up there is a new single re-release of the classic tune on Spotify! Finally you can say "I own Barry Crocker's single One Eyed Trouser Snake!"But that's not all…

2019 was the year of Barry Crocker nostalgia!

January 2019
The age of digital music streaming is not one to be underestimated. It puts many people in contact with old music they might have never encountered otherwise - something old becomes something new! And that is very true for all the releases of Barry Crocker on Spotify throughout 2019. Let's look back on yesteryear and see what classics are hosted and ready to reminisce to! A welcome sight to be…

Barry Crocker meets the prime minister for the Adopt-A-Pensioner Campaign

June 2011
Earlier this week Blue Pie’s Barry Crocker met with Prime Minister Julia Gillard to discuss propositions for the Adopt-A-Pensioner campaign, which he is heavily involved in. Amongst his propositions, the Adopt-A-Pensioner campaign will now be working with THE ARGUES: THE MOVIE, encouraging Australians to Adopt-A-Pensioner by taking a pensioner to the movie for free! Large supermarkets including Coles, Woolworths and even Dick Smith have already donated large sums towards the…

Barry Crocker makes cameo apperance in ‘The Jesters’

June 2011
Barry Crocker made a cameo appearance in the Australian television series The Jesters. He appears in season 2, episode 7 of the series which also stars Mick Malloy!!! If you missed it on TV the series will be out on DVD September 21st! For more info on Barry Crocker go to