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6 Green Room Award Nominations for EUREKA

June 2005
I am pleased to announce that EUREKA has received 6 Green Room Award Nominations for this year's awards night . Special congratulations are due to our very worthy and talented nominees: Peter England, Trudy Dalgleish, Michael Tyack, Tony Bartuccio, Ian Stenlake and MOI. Congratulations to all the Cast, Musicians, Crew, Creative Team, and Her Majesty's Theatre management and staff, for your wonderful work on, and support of, EUREKA. It was…


June 2005
EUREKA was nominated for BEST MUSICAL, and Amanda Muggleton for BEST FEMALE ACTOR in a SUPPORTING ROLE IN A MUSICAL, at last night's HELPMANN Awards nominations, which I attended. Amongst congratulations from many others, Mitchell Butel, himself a nominee for “The Venetian Twins”, congratulated us on being the only Australian musical nominated, which made me all the more proud of our achievement. Congratulations to all our wonderful Cast, Creative Team,…

Graeme Blundell

June 2005
Pays tribute to a great Australian entertainer with more than 50 years in show business. Read his review on "Bazza: The Adventures of Barry Crocker" (PDF)

Barry Crocker helps the Australian Housing Market !

January 2005
Barry Crocker helps the Australian housing market to ….ummmm ….. well….he helps keep people in houses. Housos tells the not-so-epic stories of Shazza, Dazza, Franky and Kylie - four best mates from down on the block. Sure, they drink away their problems, they might even have frequent domestics but down on the block it's all for one and one for all.Follow the adventures of the residents of the Sunnyvale Housing…