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Fans rediscover Barry Crocker all over again and again and again!

January 2019

Barry Crocker will need no introduction to those among us who are well-versed in Australian entertainers. His name evokes a mile-long list of credentials and achievements throughout the years, and throughout the past 15 years he has been an essential help to us at the Blue Pie studios. He has been a wonderful supporter to us, and has worked on various projects and causes such as The Argues, Dealing With Destiny, various remix projects, and a colossal amount of charity work. He is always willing to help those in need, and is an incredible Australian icon.

We’re so glad to have him on the label, but we are even more overjoyed to know that his work is gaining traction with a new audience, perhaps old fans rediscovering him, or newer ones encountering him in this digital age for the first time!

Yes, that’s right, the golden age is the digital age ladies and gentlemen- the age of music streaming has introduced and reintroduced plenty of Barry Crocker fans via services such as Spotify! Skyrocketing to the top of the public’s attention is “Come On The Cats”, a fantastic throwback to Crocker’s tributes in the name of the famous Geelong Football Club.

Plenty of Victorians will be playing these anthems with pride! There are two Cats mixes available and both are ready to experience on Spotify, and available for your scrutiny and preference. Which do you like better?

These releases in particular showcase a golden age in Barry’s career, and it doesn’t stop there. Everything from his famous Neighbours theme to a remastering of With A Song In My Heart, there’s plenty for the diehard fan to browse, all of which establishes the scale of Barry Crocker’s impressive influence on Australian entertainment!

We’ve constructed a comprehensive playlist full of the best hits on Spotify that we could find, so have at it, fans new and old! Discover away!

His website is also being revamped, so stay tuned for that- it’s always a fantastic journey reading about Barry’s history and exploits throughout the years! If you can’t wait, his bio says it all. Keep shining on, Bazza! You’ve made your mark and we’re glad to have been on this journey with you! Here’s to new discoveries, old friends, and new audiences the world over!

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