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Barry Crocker & Dino Jag shine a light on me

January 2021

Barry Crocker and his good friends Dino Jag and Damien Reilly got together back in 2005 to create this incredible track and remix of ” Shine a Light on me “. The track features legendary produce Jay Graydon on the original song. Damien and Dino got together and worked on a new remix of the song with Dino putting down some stellar vocals with Barry and now the record is gaining massive airplay in Europe now and hitting the airwaves accross the USA on many of the indie stations.

Just GOOGLE “Barry Crocker and Dino Jag Shine a Light On Me”.. You can stream the song here on Spotify. Click here to go and steam this hit song ” Shine a light on me ” Ft Dino Jag produced by Damien Reilly and Dino Jag.