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6 Green Room Award Nominations for EUREKA

June 2005

I am pleased to announce that EUREKA has received 6 Green Room Award Nominations for this year’s awards night . Special congratulations are due to our very worthy and talented nominees: Peter England, Trudy Dalgleish, Michael Tyack, Tony Bartuccio, Ian Stenlake and MOI.

Congratulations to all the Cast, Musicians, Crew, Creative Team, and Her Majesty’s Theatre management and staff, for your wonderful work on, and support of, EUREKA. It was a special time for all. I am very proud of this piece. Congratulations also to Queenie Van der Zandt, (our ‘Anastasia’), for her nomination for Full Monty. For more information go to

I would also like to thank the incredible Michael Harvey for his never ending work. Thanks to every one from all of us at the website.