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Australia’a own Mr. Barry Crocker

June 2008
The most fabulous day at Ramsgate June 2 with our very special Celebrity Guest Speaker! Australia'a own Mr. Barry Crocker will be entertaining us with stories of his amazing career and what he has been up to in the theatre world most recently. Certainly a day not to be missed - an amazing specail guest and the opportunity to catch up with all your ALVA mates!! See you there!

The Hatpin

March 2008
'Although the very successful run of “the hat pin” has now closed – the cast are in the recording studio putting down a CD of the show - It will be available later this year! Check back soon for links to the store'

Australian Musical Drama ‘The Hatpin’

January 2008
Barry stars in 'The Hatpin' starting Feb 23rd 2008 at The York Theatre, Seymour Centre. Inspired by a true story, this beautifully written new Australian musical drama will linger with you long after the final's fresh, hopeful and touching... a future classic. Click here to read more and book your tickets.'

Barry Crocker receives Neighbours copyrights!

January 2008
We are very pleased to announce that Barry Crocker’s vocal work on one of Australia’s most iconic TV shows is now paying Barry his just and due performance mechanical copyrights. Blue Pie’s Damien Reilly worked with Barry to recover the rights and have these all correctly registered and now the royalties are finally flowing to the rightful performer through the help of PPCA . The song was penned by another…

‘Reflection’ Barry’s new album

November 2007
Barry's new album 'Reflections' is out now and will be available from all good digital music retailers including iTunes and eMusic over the next few weeks. Be sure to check it out soon.

‘Bazza’ The Adventures of Barry Crocker

November 2007
Barry is working on his follow up book to his first biography 'Bazza' The Adventures of Barry Crocker. This is sure to be another best seller and will take everyone up to the happenings of today. If you haven't already read 'Bazza' then grab a copy from the shop link above.

Neighbours Theme

November 2007
Barry has a few new releases on the way to drop into your iPODS. Check out the Barry Shop link above and download away from iTunes. There are some great new tunes and some of the back catalogue now out there in cyber world. Check out The Neighbours theme as you've never heard it before!

Walk of Fame at Coolangatta

November 2007
Barry Crocker Star added to the walk of fame at Coolangatta. We are all extremely happy and proud that Barry's star has been added to the walk of fame. Check out the photo's in the photo section.

‘The Melbourne Sun Newspaper’

July 2006
Who are the hottest singers on the charts: The Veronicas, The Young Divas, Pink? Nope- Kamahl and Barry Crocker. I kid you not. That’s of course, if you’re looking for music in 'op shops'. Melbourne Record Collectors, a group of second-hand traders who organize record fairs, have compiled statistics that show the pair at No.1 and No.2 on the op shop hit parade. Of course, that could mean their music…

‘Entertainers of the Century’

May 2006
'On the 29th of April I was extremely honoured to be included in the Variety Club's 'ENTERTAINERS OF THE CENTURY' presentation at Melbourne's DOCKLANDS. To stand alongside my hero's from the past and present in a magnificent painting by JAMIE COOPER was the supreme compliment indeed. I am also honoured with a star on the Walk of Fame, and part of a giant mosaic (of the painting) that graces one…